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Creative Services

Amalgam offers an extensive range of creative services to develop and make models, displays and prototypes. Our large experienced team delivers high quality results in fast timescales to the right price for your project.

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Our Gallery - Detail Modles

For planning, competitions or marketing, Amalgam makes high detail architectural models and base models, or block and massing models to aid design. Full range of traditional craftsmanship to 3D printing – plus display, storage and transport services.
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Amalgam boat design models

Amalgam custom-builds replica yachts, maritime models, and prototype models for the test tank. These scale models range from elegant conceptual pieces for marketing suites and trade shows, prototypes for the test tank, to detail retrofits of existing hulls.
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Amalgam Product design models

When testing a new concept or re-designing your product, Amalgam makes prototypes to support you through the development process. We offer precision engineering, plastics, vacuum casting, metal work, materials testing and 3D printing.
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Amalgam TV and film

For art directors, producers and advertisers, Amalgam makes authentic props, creative effects and signage. We design armatures and scenic theming, applying specialist paint finishing, sculpting or engineering techniques.
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Amalgam museums visitor centres

Engaging displays are essential for public audiences. Amalgam offers creative theming, graphic design, content creation, and makes interactive models for museums, heritage centres and visitor centres. Spotlight on Renewable Energy
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Amalgam retail installations

Amalgam designs and creates point of sale displays in-store, and for windows, airports, and hotel locations for prestigious brand and marketing campaigns. We offer computer-aided design, graphic design, and our full range of build services.
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Amalgam biomedical prototypes

Scale models help develop an idea or process, where we create a replica environment or represent a concept in physical form. Amalgam builds models for engineers working in the renewable energy, oil and gas, transport, automotive and aerospace sectors.
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Amalgam exhibition tradeshows

To demonstrate your ideas and products, Amalgam creates eye-catching displays, large scale models and full size prototypes suitable for handling at trade shows. We use dynamic lighting and interactive features to engage your audience in busy places.
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With a technical idea or process to explain, a model speaks a million words. Amalgam builds interactive models, simulation environments, and educational displays, offering design, graphics, build and installation. Spotlight on Recycling Displays.
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