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Recycling Interactives


We produce a range of made-to-order informative, eye-catching interactive recycling displays. These help recycling officers and waste management companies engage with the public on topics such as food waste reduction, composting, splitting domestic waste streams for recycling and what actually happens at a materials recycling facility (MRF.)

Made to measure displays

Exhibition or visitor centre displays, designed in collaboration with our clients, raise awareness and present information in simple and effective ways, such as which items of household waste can be recycled into useable compost, what actually constitutes a ‘portion’ of food, and what happens to recycled materials after they have been collected by municipal services.

Local events and schools

We make interactive games and displays which local authorities and schools can use for events and neighbourhood workshops. Made to order, we can customise these with your branding and print key messages on the graphics.

The recycling bean bag game shows residents which items of waste go into each of their waste collection bins, boxes, caddies or bags. It’s a fun game, which aims to reduce contamination of waste streams making collection and sorting more efficient, saving labour and costs.

The information point display is a cut-away wheelie bin display, showing either recyclables, green or residual waste, with an eye-catching flag printed with your logo and strap line. A digital media screen is built into the lockable lid, to present your key messages at any location. Local authorities have used these as pop-up information points in public places such a shopping centres, bus stops and county fairs.

The portable MRF is a conveyor belt designed as an interactive, hands-on waste sorting activity, suitable for groups of children or adults. It allows the recycling team to show examples of what happens at a real MRF and explain how recycling has a direct impact on reducing landfill.

To see more of what we can do, call us on 0117 9249596 or head to the recycling displays website.

Our cutaway bin Information Point is a converted 240 litre bin that’s readily moveable, has interactive resources and useful storage for literature, and promotional giveaways. We can travel our local area and make an impact within half an hour by speaking to people while they’re in transit. This has opened up opportunities to visit railway and bus stations, shopping centres and retail parks, where we can set up instantly – and get talking

Grant Wilson – Recycling – Moray Council

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