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Education Providers

When bringing in new technology or changes to an industry, we can design a display or interactive learning tools to share new information with your team, the public or customers. Education providers often have complex or technical ideas to explain, where an interactive display or model can support the learning. We build interactive models, simulation environments, and educational displays, offering design, graphics, build and installation. For recycling officers and waste management companies, we also make bespoke Recycling Displays.

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To explain a concept or highlight ideas, we build in electronics to make our models and displays interactive. Lighting enables us to animate a display or reflect a flow of movement, and we can make simulation models for any industry…
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Exhibition Design & Build

We offer creative design and build services to develop engaging and educational displays. For universities and industry, we make technical displays interactive and visually striking, to support the learning objectives…
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We produce made-to-order informative, eye-catching and interactive displays, to help recycling officers and waste management companies engage with the public on topics such as reducing food waste, recycling and re-use of material…
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