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Exhibitors at Trade Shows

We offer integrated interpretation, design and build services to create informative and entertaining displays. Our specialty is developing ingenious ways to help exhibit clients’ products in ways that make them stand out from competitors and engage with customers. We have supplied hundreds of big and small displays that involve everything from giant replicas, moving interactives, dynamic lighting and electronics to hands-on props and digital displays, incorporating virtual or augmented reality.

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Exhibition Design & Build

Amalgam designs exhibition displays to support clients and marketing agencies, when promoting products or services at trade shows or in visitor centres. We build centre piece exhibition models, or create and install whole displays…
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graphic design

Our in-house designers develop graphics from sketches or convert flat graphics into three dimensional CAD. For exhibition displays, we apply your brand guidelines, yet make the concept stand out. We can print graphics on a variety of substrates…
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To add interest for the audience, we make our trade show models and displays interactive. Lighting and electronics offer dynamic ways to animate a display or reflect a flow of movement, helping people engage with the concept…
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