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Amalgam was formed in 1984 by four gifted young model makers, Leo Saunders, Trevor Parsons, Sandy Copeman and Tony Pallanca. Between them they had a passion for 3D Design, architectural model making, electronics and visual effects.

Based on the principles of providing a dependable and efficient service to their clients, Amalgam quickly gained recognition amongst some of the country’s leading architects, becoming Norman Foster’s preferred supplier and within a few years their reputation for architectural models became international.

The breadth of work produced at Amalgam in the early years continued to grow to include prototyping, exhibitions and point of sale; since then our client list has grown to include world leaders in creativity and innovation from Dyson, Rolls Royce and British Energy to Aardman, GMP and Ingenhoven Architects.



In 1991 Mike Harvey joined Amalgam, and his interest in emerging technologies led him to focus on developing Amalgam’s prototyping capabilities which continue to flourish and expand each year.

Amalgam’s technical capabilities are under constant development. We provide the latest technologies in additive manufacturing (3D printing), vacuum casting, laser cutting, and CNC facilities and we are market leaders in precision vacuum casting, often being recommended by other additive manufacturing specialists to tackle the most challenging jobs.



In 1994 we moved to larger premises and started producing highly prestigious model cars for  Formula One Teams, quickly gaining respect as their leading supplier. In 2004 a separate company was formed to focus on model cars and Sandy Copeman left the parent company to develop this sector, founding a spin off company, Amalgam Fine Model Cars.

Meanwhile Amalgam continued to focus its resources on further developing its capacity and expertise in architectural, prototyping, engineering, exhibition and display model making.




Amalgam has continued to grow rapidly, attracting some of the UK’s best model makers with an increasingly diverse range of skills. This means we can make almost anything, and integrate specialist skills in 3D Design, electronics, engineering, sculpting and all paint finishes.

Our team benefits from the traditional craftsmanship of our veteran model makers to the cutting edge talent of our younger makers. Our Directors visit the New Blades Show each year on the look out for exceptional new talent.

Our Project Managers, Team Leaders and Model Makers are encouraged to develop and update their skills continually, building on their skills base.



The Directors at Amalgam recognised early on that a commitment to managing our customers’ projects with uncompromising high standards is key to delivering a successful project.

We strive to build long term, consistent and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients, with our suppliers and with our employees.

The ethos at Amalgam supports an environment where we treat each other with respect and consideration and we welcome and act upon people’s opinions, comments, suggestions and criticisms. We treat the company as a family unit and feedback from clients suggests that we have created a uniquely friendly and yet professional environment.

Thank you for your tremendous effort in getting all the goods for the exhibition completed. This was really beyond the call of duty and is really appreciated. The exhibition was a great success and would not have been possible without your efforts.” – Peter Marchbank, Third Dimension



Amalgam’s original reputation for producing extraordinary architectural models has been built on and developed over the decades. In more recent years our Exhibition and Display department has grown from small point of sale projects to a steady flow of interactives and displays for national exhibitions, animation sets and film props.

Amalgam’s reputation for high quality Marine models has continued to flourish in an international arena, making striking models for yacht designers and naval architects around the world. Many of these large scale spectacular models end up as centre pieces of show stands at the annual Monaco Yacht Show for Redman Whiteley Dixon, Devonport Yachts and Claydon Reeves, as well as trade shows in Bahrain and Dubai.



The product development, design and prototyping part of the business has developed to serve everyone from lone inventors and start-ups to multi-nationals with a range of services which now includes 3D CAD and initial concept work through to production support and beyond.



The configuration of the Directors at Amalgam has grown and developed over the last 40 years.

In 2008 James Smith and Chris Conlon were invited to become Directors, from their previous positions managing the Architectural and Marine projects.

Trevor Parsons retired in 2010 as one of the founding partners of the company.  Trevor’s laid back, humorous approach and his natural integrity have been formative in building Amalgam’s unique environment and reputation.

Leo Saunders, the last remaining founder and Mike Harvey both retired in 2020 allowing Joe Preston and Phill Harris to step up into Director roles.

Today the four Directors, James, Chris, Joe and Phill continue to lead the company with a commitment to outstanding model making, excellent customer service and a good sense of humour.

“Everyone was very impressed with its quality and finish and it proved to be an excellent tool for assessing the design and layout. Being able to remove the various sections, worked perfectly. On a number of occasions it was commented that this was the best model that they had seen!”

about us

Amalgam has a large creative workforce and an extensive range of services all under one roof, enabling us to produce work of an incredible quality, in amazing timeframes, at competitive prices. Our strength lies in the diversity of our expertise, from precision small-scale architectural model making to oversize exhibition displays and engaging interactives, rapid prototyping and product development.
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our clients

We are proud to work with inventors, designers, small businesses and large brand, like the BBC, Dyson, EDF, Foster + Partners & Rolls Royce. We strive to build long term relationships with our clients, suppliers and employees. Feedback from clients indicates we have created a uniquely friendly, yet professional environment. You can read more about the range of projects we deliver in our Portfolio.
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Amalgam Team

Our workshop houses circa 35 talented people with a broad range of creative skills, some with over 30 years’ experience, others starting as apprentices, and trained project managers to deliver client work. Amalgam has grown rapidly, attracting some of the UK’s best model makers with very diverse skills. We integrate specialist creative services in 3D design, electronics, engineering, sculpting and professional finishes.
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