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Prop Making & Sculpture

With our comprehensive Prop making and Sculpture services we offer a one stop shop for film makers in the local area and rest of the UK, offering our services and resources to those in need of props, replicas, and special effects, and can create any of these from drawings supplied to us, or design them from scratch.

Amalgam’s prop makers are drawn from the rich pool of creative talent in Bristol and the South West, enabling us to offer extensive prop making and sculpting services to our clients. The team’s skills include specialist painting, texturing, carving and casting.


Our sculptors and prop makers can work in a range of scales and materials. We make tiny props and accessories for stop-frame animations, and huge carved monsters for film and television productions across the UK, and locally at the Bottle Yard.

prop making and sculpture

We are able to offer one-off bespoke sculpts, or make multiple copies of an object, through our range of moulding and casting processes. Once we have produced the casting master, we can create tens or hundreds of replicas in a variety of hardnesses and materials depending on the needs of the prop – to create durable or stunt-safe props.

prop making and sculpture


We pride ourselves on being able to offer hand-painted finishes in high detail and paint effects to flawless levels of realism. Our prop makers can artwork foam to mirror the texture of stone, plastic to look like wood and rubber to look like steel.

Animation characters

These techniques are invaluable when creating objects with textures that are too time consuming or prohibitively expensive – for example, rare hardwood veneers or exotic animal hides. We can achieve real-as-life effects for a range of props or objects, including limbs, animals and organs.


prop making and sculpture


prop making and sculpture


Soft props

Whether casts are taken from an object supplied to us, or we design and fabricate items in-house, we can create props of differing strengths from a wide range of materials, depending on the needs of the production and style of object. In addition to the traditional craft skills involved in creating props, our workshop is well equipped for 3D printing, electronics, laser cutting, light engineering and metalwork, vacuum casting and CNC machining services.

prop making and sculpture

Amalgam has moved on-site at the Bottle Yard, to provide a creative meeting room for teams working in the production studios. The space showcases samples of our work reflecting the diverse creativity of the site, demonstrating how our team of prop makers can bring production ideas to life, including props, signage, paint effects, electronics and even rigging for models, used in TV and film.

The buggy is amazing. Everyone loves it – lots of gasps, oohs and ahhs! A triumph, I’d say. The director loves it. Thanks so much for beating with us on this one.

Ben Austin – Stripeland – Hip Hop Pram

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