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3D Printing

3D Printing Services

We offer advice on preparing 3D CAD files or can draw them up for you – from 2D CAD, sketches or even just a verbal brief. We will 3D print parts or sub-structures, expertly hand finishing them, before assembling your model or prototype. Parts produced by 3D printing can be used in their own right, or designed as masters for vacuum casting.

Additive Manufacturing

We use additive manufacturing in our toolkit for turning 2D virtual ideas into a 3D physical form, producing the very best results from this cutting edge technology in our rapid prototyping services, and also in model making for other industries. To discuss your project with one of our experienced project managers, simply get in touch.

Additive manufacturing describes how we build 3D objects by adding layer-upon-layer of material, whether the material is plastic, metal, or any other composite. We start by converting your CAD into our 3D modelling software, ready for our printer to fabricate the 3D object.

We can 3D print small scale whole structures for architectural models, or we can design and make ‘kits’ of parts that easily snap together to form a larger model. This approach is ideal for creating right angles and straight lines, because parts can be quickly assembled into rigid modular structures.


Stereolithography produces models based on a layer thickness of just 100μm using a 200μm ø laser beam, one of the things we are often asked for is an even finer quality build and even better accuracy. The Objet 350 3D printing machine in our tool kit offers a resolution of just 16μm – over six times finer.


3D printing Examples

Two examples of Stereolithography (SLA) 3D printing

Material Choice

Our prefered print material is Objet VeroClear. It enables us to produce clear parts quickly, reliably, and cost-effectively, with the minimum of post-processing. With VeroClear FullCure 810 resin we can achieve better clarity than has previously been possible. The lenses below, shown next to a 20 pence (22mm ø) coin, are a great example of how, in the hands of a skilled finisher, even optical clarity is possible.  We can however switch to any other Objet resin if the size of an order justifies it.  We can also have parts produced in a range of other materials if appropriate, just contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Lenses produced by 3D printing


Hand finishing

All parts coming off the 3D printer require post-processing, depending on the purpose of the object. To achieve the very best output Amalgam offers hand-finishing to ensure models reach their full potential.

This 100mm high, thin-walled bottle is an example of how a high-resolution 3D print put in the hands of a skilled finisher can deliver outstanding results.

3D printing and skilled hand-finishing combined


The Objet printer is capable of producing a huge range of parts – which we make for clients across the UK and abroad, for architectural models, product designs and prototyping. To see some examples, visit  Our Work or contact us to see how 3D Print services can help you.Objet 350 3D printer

Just wanted to say thanks for putting in considerable effort on this recent job. We ended up with a happy customer with prototype parts that exceeded anything they have had before in terms of quality.

Ross Mansfield – Crux Product Design

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