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Renewable Energy Suppliers

As attitudes towards protecting the environment and the energy industry have changed, suppliers have developed emerging technologies – to find new and innovative ways of generating power from natural and sustainable sources. Models are particularly useful for renewable energy suppliers to solve the challenge of engaging your audience, where complex systems or processes are presented to the public or need to be explained simply and unambiguously. Our team designs and creates models for clients addressing these issues. These can be interactive learning tools and display models, build features such as wall insulation cross-sections, and new engineering and site construction projects.

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Exhibition Design & Build

To help people understand the latest developments in renewable energy systems, we design and build visually engaging displays in public visitor centres, and for industry trade shows. We start by exploring your audience, objectives, the space you’re using and the narrative…
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Architectural model makers

Amalgam provides custom-made scale models representing infrastructure or renewable energy systems. Our model makers combine traditional skills, with computer-aided design, engineering and extensive experience of materials, developing a model to meet your requirements…
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We design interactive displays and build electronics into models to explain concepts or processes, with visual cues to engage visitors while learning about a system. Lighting can be used to animate designs or to reflect a dynamic flow of movement, such as electricity generation…
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