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We design and make in-store retail point of sale displays, creating wow-factor visual merchandising for windows, pop-up shops, airports, and hotel locations. Retail displays in flagship stores are becoming more experiential to attract attention and keep people interested longer. Our skills can help designers to re-connect people with the shopping environment. We offer graphic design services to develop a concept further, and our creative team can develop three dimensional CAD from visual sketches or convert your design ready for 3D printing, casting or machining. Our workshop space houses a full range of build services, and specialist painting or decorative finishing for your display.

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We design and build wow-factor retail point of sale displays in-store, for windows, pop-up shops, airports, and hotel locations. When you need to attract your audience’s attention, we can create your display and install it on site…
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Our creative team treats every project as unique, designed to create a fantastic first impression. We choose the right materials, and use specialist painting, decorative finishes, weathering techniques or surface textures to produce the desired effect…
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We design and build creative sets and theming for busy spaces or advertising campaigns. Our visual theming includes designing graphics, selecting materials and building relevant props, for retail shops, visitor centres or exhibition spaces…
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