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3D Scanning – Reverse engineering – Data capture & more.

3D Scanner image

Amalgam offers 3D scanning services which can accurately capture just about any object from the real world and place it into the virtual one. Using our Artec Space Spider 3D Scanner, we can quickly record the shape, size and texture of a wide range of objects.

Once captured, data can be edited, manipulated or altered in our Studio software and suite of cutting edge 3D CAD tools, scaled up or down and, if required 3D printed, CNC machined or used to produce renders, illustrations and animations.

The possibilities are endless!

3D Scanned model plus 3D print

At the top of this page Matt, one of our CAD team, is seen scanning in a large piece of sculpture. In the two images above you can see, on the left, the resulting CAD model (after a bit of clean-up work), and on the right a 3D print based on the captured data. One of the great things about the process is the ability to scale the virtual model up or down as required, produce mirrored versions or just a part of the whole as required. We can of course also produce as many copies as you need, all from a single scan.

Not just for artworks and organic shapes either

The three pictures above shows an example of how we at Amalgam are using 3D scanning to reverse engineer.  Our client needed an accurate CAD model of an existing casting to help him design a new component, which had to mate exactly with the existing part.  The accuracy of our scanner means that, in ideal circumstances, we can capture data that is within 0.05mm.  Beyond providing an accurate template for the design of the new component, our client went on to use the file for fluid-flow and heat transfer analysis.  Three jobs for the price of one!

3D scanning for archiving and record keeping

3D scanned car parts

This last example shows a rare car component, which our client had managed to track down from across the world. He was in the process of restoring his pride and joy, but body panels were hard to find.  As a back-up plan, before welding this one onto his car, he had us scan it in order to keep an accurate 3D record for the future.

As you can see, the 3D scanner and Amalgam’s skillset is a powerful combination. To discuss how 3D scanning at Amalgam could help you, please call us on 0117 9249596 or get in touch here.

Originally developed to spec for the International Space Station the Artec Space Spider scanner used by Amalgam is an industrial scanner of metrological precision.  It offers up to 0.05mm accuracy and uses “Blue Light Technology”, meaning it does not require the use of lasers or stick-on targets.  This makes it both safe to use and, in most cases, does not require any contact with, or matting down of, the target object .

Mike Harvey – Amalgam

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