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Interactive sales model
Interactive sales model
interactive sales model

These simple and engaging interactive sales models, made for Map Environmental and their stand at the CIH Housing 2015 event, show three different scenarios for PV modules, installed in a modern home, an industrial warehouse and a school. The models also include simple lighting elements, which are activated by switches integrated into the building detail, such as doors and vents.

We regularly make models along these lines, and they are proven to be effective marketing tools, particularly with sustainable consumer technologies. Along with the solar panels demonstrated here, we have made public engagement models demonstrating air and ground source heat pumps, industrial LED lighting, home insulation and hydrogeneration turbines.

These models tend to be relatively economic, since the level of detail is usually simplified to show a product in a generic context that potential consumers can relate to or understand. In some cases, such as the Biomass Energy Model, they demonstrate complex industrial processes for the uninitiated.

These models will often attend a number of trade shows and public events in their lifetime, and we make them to be compact and highly portable, often with bespoke flight cases to ensure they are protected in transit.

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