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We are really excited to share this latest model we have created for the Brussels HQ of Sky Creative.
Standing at 1 meter tall, we initially had to create the 3D CAD from 2D images to give us a drawing that we could then use to CNC machine the body and other parts of the Minion. Following a layer of hard coat paint our Ellie set about applying the iconic blue and yellow paint finish before the goggles and other details were added. The spikey hair was 3D printed on our Formlabs printer in a Flexible Resin so the hairs were not only safer in a public setting, but also looked and felt different to the rest of the figure. 
Ewelina Sniatowska, a Producer at Sky Creative who commissioned the model, had these kind words to say about the project:-
“Amalgam team were brilliant. They created an amazing Minion figure which is the key feature of our high profile office in Brussels. The quality is superb, the impact – huge, everyone who gets in the office is greeted by the Minion who makes you smile and gets you into a good mood straight away.
Working with Amalgam was a dream – lovely talented people, with great project planning, timely reviews and delivery. No fuss, very straightforward, just excellent. And they delivered a true work of art that Sky is now very proud to call our own.”
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