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G Shock display
G Shock display
G Shock display installed
The G Shock display lit
G Shock display front

To help Double Retail realise a high impact store display centrepiece for G-SHOCK’s flagship store on Carnaby Street, London, our point of sale specialists worked with project lead, Dave Corke to develop the 3D design. Double Retail’s vision for the store was to make everything technically advanced for both customers and staff, in keeping with the Casio products. To make the most of the space, the basement was designed as an innovative and creative event space, serving as a go-to hub for customers and all things G-SHOCK.

Our brief was to expose the G-SHOCK watch in an outsize model for the shop entrance. We started with the design drawings, re-creating the layers of the G-SHOCK product design in 3D CAD. Once it was scaled up, we had to select the right materials to build it and bring the idea to life.

G Shock display CAD model

Given the look and feel of the store design and lighting, clear acrylic was the obvious choice to create a centrepiece with a sharp, transparent, line-drawn feel. Acrylic can be machined, laser-cut and etched or engraved; here we opted for laser-cutting for its crispness and economy.

G Shock Display - close up

One key challenge was working out how to suspend the exploded store display above the counter without interrupting the design. We developed renders to show different options for holding the layers in place; deciding on fine steel rods with spacers and plates. This made it easier to install the whole display.

Before the exploded watch left our workshop, we tested and checked the final assembly to produce a guide for the installation team indicating exactly where to attach each of the points. To guarantee safe arrival in London, we arranged transport for the final piece, packing it ready for the in-store team.

The design was realised with a sharp, clear finish creating an eye-catching and technical display of the exploded watch, highlighted by pink neon lights above. The slideshow at the top of this story show how the overall in-store experience by Double Retail reflects Casio’s longstanding reputation for high-quality engineering and the G-SHOCK brand.

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