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“Amalgam designed the interactive model based upon supplied outline sketches and a spreadsheet of the control functions and outcomes. The building process, which involved a wide range of specialist model making functions, followed the agreed programme and the models were delivered within budget and on time. The models have added significant value to the messaging of a complex project amongst energy sector stakeholders, including senior policy makers and government ministers.” – Oliver Lancaster, Wales & West Utilities


We made two of these demonstration models, one for Western Power Distribution and one for Wales & West Utilities. The models demonstrate how the energy is supplied from two distribution networks to deliver smart hybrid heating in homes at the lowest possible cost. The decision to use electricity in a heat pump or gas in a boiler depends on the live availability of renewable power, the capacity of the electricity system to provide enough electricity for heat and the severity of the weather. Users of this interactive model can set the temperature and amount of renewable electricity available, with the heating systems responding by changing the fuel source and appliance. For example, in low-wind conditions, the smart hybrid heating systems will draw on the gas networks to avoid coal and peaking gas fired generation from turning on. The model also shows that it doesn’t have to be natural gas that is relied upon as a backup, but can balance the availability of clean power with renewable gases from sources like biomethane plants. In this model, blue represents electricity supply, and yellow represents gas.


Demonstration Models


These are two of many energy demonstration models we’ve made for Western Power Distribution. Interactives such as these, which break down information into stages, are a very efficient and simple way to communicate complex ideas, and go far beyond videos or text in encouraging customer interaction at presentations and trade shows. The models will be present at a number of events attended by Western Power Distribution and Wales & West Utilities, including the House of Commons in October 2018.


Take a look at our other interactive energy models here, or contact us to see what we can offer your project.

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