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interactive educational games
interactive educational games
laser interactive educational game
interactive educational game

The STFC Vulcan Laser interactive educational game includes two units. The first is a 1:1, bolt-for-bolt recreation of the laser amplifier itself, which would typically handle a laser beam with a 100mm diameter. The second unit is the point of interaction, being a box with a set of mirrors mounted on sprung rotating points, enabling a user to focus a laser beam through the unit onto a small target. The unit flashes and emits a zapping noise when the laser hits the target.


The unit is intended to demonstrate one of the many projects being funded by STFC, in a way that is fun and engaging for children and young people. Adding an interactive element to an educational model is a fantastic way to engage with the public and potential clients, and can be a powerful tool in communicating complex processes to the uninitiated, cementing a brand identity, or (in this case) engaging young people.


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