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“Amalgam has created exceptional quality models that Babcock are able to transport and proudly exhibit at international events, helping Babcock demonstrate our designs in a way that customers can really appreciate.” – Babcock International


This fleet of marine models was produced for the Babcock DSEI stand in 2017, promoting their highly configurable, multi-purpose platform range. The models depict vessels for different roles at 120, 90, 70 and 50 metre lengths, presented at 1:150 scale.



Arrowhead 120


Defender 90


Protector 70


Protector 50

As with all our marine projects, we received packages of CAD from the client and used these files as the foundation for our models. The superstructure, deck details and masts were hand-fabricated, and in some cases vacuum-cast, to quickly create multiple sets; we used 3D printing and CNC machining to preserve the symmetry and clean lines of the hulls, which were finished by hand.



We chose 1:150 scale to allow for a good balance between size and detail, where the largest model in the range was not overbearingly massive, and the smallest maintained a good level of fine features. Key among these details were cranes, shipping containers, open mission bays housing hand-finished 3D printed tenders, and intricate arrays of aerials and antennae.



Our workshop is well equipped to deliver high-capacity, high-detail projects such as these, owing to the expertise of our makers in traditional handcrafts, modern CNC and 3D printing technologies, and specialist paint finishes. The range of processes under our roof allows us to offer a comprehensive model making service to marine engineers, naval architects and yacht designers looking for standout models for clients, exhibitions and trade shows.



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