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Boat Model HMS Daring
Boat Model HMS Daring
HMS Daring II

This 1:100 ship model of HMS Daring for BVT displays the high level of realistic detail that can be achieved on a scale ship model. Depending on the scale, details such as panel lines and rivets can be incorporated into the model, as can aerials and ladders; these elements break up the surface with areas of interest and serve as a scale reference. On ship models such as the HMS Daring, these details add hard realism, while on superyacht and luxury ship models fine details such as bespoke furniture can accentuate the sense of luxury and high design.

Despite the level of detail on a ship model, which can vary from high realism on the HMS Daring to purely conceptual Speedform models, the fundamental processes are the same; the hulls and bows are shaped with our CNC machine to retain the clean lines and perfect symmetry of a ship’s design. We can construct the CAD for a ship model from expressive concept sketches, working with a designer to realise basic models and designer’s aides, or directly from supplied technical drawings.

Great care and attention is given to the hull; while the finer details on a ship model draw the eye in, it is the impact of the hull and the larger structures which create that first and lasting impressions. There is an urge to study the lines on a hull, to stoop and look down the length of the model from the bow. For these reasons we are meticulous in ensuring the shapes and surfaces of our ship models are finished to the highest standards.

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