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BMT Defence Services

As with all our marine model making projects, the hull of this model for BMT Defence Services was carved from CAD supplied to us on our CNC machine. At 1/200th scale the level of detail was streamlined accordingly; elements such as handrails and netting were largely etched brass, allowing for a combination of incredibly fine tolerances and strength. We were also able to include 3D printed components, such as the 1/200 helicopter. As with several of our other marine model making projects, the model is mounted on a polished steel plate, which shows the below-waterline detail such as bow thrusters, propellers and rudders.

The LSV uses the BMT Aegir® tailor-able platform design, which can be readily modified to suit different naval requirements. The LSV has been derived for the Royal Norwegian Navy, and a configured version is to be used by the Royal Navy in the form of the MARS Tanker.

The model continues our strong tradition of high-quality marine model making, for industrial, leisure and military applications. Head to Our Work to see some of the other models we have made.

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