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We make marine models for a broad range of scenarios; chunky industrial engineering models, conceptual ‘Speedforms’ for designers, and high-finish display pieces for marketing suites and trade shows. The Antares yacht model was a private commission by the yacht’s owner, and as such the construction decisions and material finishes were made with the model in mind as a bespoke luxury object, equal parts craftsmanship and engineering precision.



We used 3D printing processes and CNC machining to create the bold forms of the design and give us our basic substructure. These computer-aided methods served as a foundation for hand-made details and finishes, and we covered the model in masts, booms, cleats and struts, all being hand-shaped metal components. We used a fine grained hardwood veneer to recreate the decking, gently laser engraved with the intricate join lines and hatches; the keel is the only point of attachment to the stainless steel base, with no additional unsightly supports. To keep the tone and feel of the strong, sleek design, we kept to a minimal colour palette of polished metalwork, gloss white, and midnight blue.



We have made a number of privately commissioned yacht models over the years. These models differ stylistically from those made for commercial or design purposes in that they are made with a focus on elegant realism, rather than the more graphic and representational treatments often requested in models for heavy industry.



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