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Claydon Reeves commissioned us to make this 1-meter long superyacht model as the centrepiece for their launch at the 2010 Monaco Yacht Show. Our model makers worked closely with the designers (ex Redman Whiteley Dixon) to make sure the model conveyed the stunning shape and form of Claydon Reeves’ first complete superyacht design.

Using CNC processes we were able to perfectly replicate the symmetry and lines from the CAD provided to us. The superyacht model was hand-finished to a high standard and level of detail.

Models of this kind are as suited to sales displays and presentations as they are mantlepieces and display cabinets. In simpler states, they can also be useful as stripped down wind tunnel or test tank models. As designer’s aides, simple models introduce a tactile element to the design process. A shape you can hold, touch and easily reshape – and scan back into the computer – can inform the aesthetics of superyacht form as much as any other designed object.

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