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Caspian V

This superyacht model follows up on Claydon Reeves’ successful launch of the Remora 80m yacht in 2010. The 850mm ‘Caspian’ model was the centerpiece for the 2011 Monaco Yacht Show, and was accompanied by two elegant Speedform models, which illustrate the basic forms and fluidity of the designs.

We can can construct a superyacht model from technical drawings or from freehand concept sketches. Either way, our in-house CNC machine is able to carve out symmetrically perfect 3D hull and bow forms, to be finished by traditional hand skills and craftsmanship. Extra details such as furniture and masts serve to bring a superyacht model to life; it is often these small additions which are the most engaging, since they create a sense of scale and draw in the eye.

More details on the Caspian can be found on the Claydon Reeves website.

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