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As attitudes to environmental issues change, so too does the energy sector. Amalgam has provided a range of Renewable Energy model making services to clients addressing these issues. They take the form of public interactives and display models, wall insulation cross-sections, and new engineering and construction projects, such as the Seagen Tidal Turbine. Head to Our Work to see some of the models we’ve created.




Display Model

Renewable energy models are intended to be informative and educational, and as such we have made many with an interactive component. The EDF Energy Houses have been particularly successful in this regard, being highly portable, communicative and engaging. On a simpler scale, we have made a set of wall insulation demonstration models for the Centre for Sustainable Energy, which show a cross-section view of an efficiently insulated house wall.




Windfarm Model

Many of the renewable energy models we have made are demonstrations of emerging technologies – new and innovative ways of generating power from natural and sustainable sources. Models are particularly useful in this context where complex systems or processes need to be presented to the public or to clients simply and unambiguously. Models we have made for this purpose include the Solar Reflector Array.

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