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conceptual architectural model of Yongsan.

An architectural competition model for Yongsan Development, South Korea. This striking 1/500 architectural competition model for Foster + Partners represents their scheme for Yongsan in Korea. The model draws inspiration from the neon of a city at night and the fine lines of an architect’s blueprints. The central scheme incorporates three huge 3D printed central structures, which have been chrome plated to mirror the surrounding light.

The opportunity to work on an architectural competition model is always a treat for us at Amalgam; the more original the better. Working with unconventional materials and forms to achieve striking outcomes is always rewarding, for us and the client, and the we relish the challenge of unusual briefs. They are an opportunity for an architect to represent the principles of the design in truly abstract and engaging ways.

Lighting is often a feature of these models, and we are capable of incorporating a range of electronic elements into a project. These could be simple and subtle changes in colour over time, to responsive interactive baseboard elements highlighting different features of the scheme. In the case of the Yongsan Development architectural competition model, each offsite is an acrylic block, sprayed dark blue, with the paint cleaned from each edge with a scalpel in highly graphic illuminated forms.

Abstract and highly conceptual architectural models do not necessarily need to be complex or busy. Simple, clean models with minimal and considered use of colour are just as effective as all-out large-scale masterplans, and can have a jewel-like, crafted quality, as well as being highly economic.

conceptual architectural model

I love the way this model looks like a Kandisnky painting. For the offsites we sprayed clear acrylic blocks midnight blue and scraped the edges with a scalpel blade so they glow when they’re under-lit. The baseboard looks like a blueprint that’s come to life.

James Smith, director

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