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Client: Matter NPD, DBA Inclusive Design Challenge

The idea behind this innovative fire extinguisher concept model was to make a practical safety device for the home that was attractive enough to be kept in plain sight, while not compromising on its efficacy. Particular attention was given to making it easy to use for people with limited sight, mobility or dexterity.

The main body was turned from aluminium and given a subtle etched floral design over a brushed finish.  The red nozzle was a hand-finished SLA part with a high-gloss painted finish while the transparent top and actuator button were SLA parts polished up to give a clear, glass-like finish, subtle texturing being used to clearly indicate how to actuate the mechanism.  A part of the design not shown in our pictures was the inclusion of a simple smoke mask with self-adhesive fixings, which covers the trigger pad and therefore has to be removed before use, increasing the chance that the user will take a moment to put the mask on and thereby improve their personal safety.

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