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Made for Coda Plastics, these functional prototypes of Hessiclip were produced using our 3D printing and vacuum casting processes in order that the product’s inventor could not only test his design in a practical and realistic way but could also produce publicity and marketing materials well ahead of full-scale production. 

vacuum cast prototype

Hessiclip has been designed by  builder Steve Tiller of Spalding-based building firm,  B J Tiller and Sons, to replace the old method of precariously balancing bricks or blocks on top of a hessian sheet to protect a freshly laid brick or block wall against frost and rain during the curing process of the mortar. The advantages of using a secure plastic clip in place of a balanced block are immediately obvious but our fully functional prototypes allowed the inventor to demonstrate and prove his design beyond all doubt.

The grade of polyurethane resin used in these cast prototypes was carefully selected to mimic the desired material properties of the final product. Our experience and knowledge of materials allows us to create functional prototypes that behave as production parts would – not just look-and-feel objects.

The ability to test the material functionality of a product with a bespoke vacuum cast prototype is absolutely crucial to the design process, and enables designers to reasonably quantify factors such as how much flex a material has, or the shore hardness of soft rubber components. This can be particularly important when designing seals, gaskets or products with ergonomic elements.

The Hessiclip is now in production and available worldwide, inventor Steve Tiller is proud to say however that he has chosen to keep the entire process in the UK . Head to Our Work to see some of the other products we’ve assisted in bringing to production.

The prototyping was spot on! The final product had just one modification made from your functional prototypes, which we only discovered by testing the design in this way.

Steve Tiller, Hessiclip.

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