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Client: Cycling Sports Group

Amalgam’s prototype specialists worked closely with Cycling Sports Group from the USA to produce this concept quick folding bike prototype. The brief was for the bike to have many innovative features, including a quick release mechanism for a shopping basket or child seat, a built in stand and self-centring steering.

To evaluate and test the various features, a fully functional ‘soft’ version or “Pre-prototype” was mocked up using CNC machining and FDM rapid prototyping plus several more traditional prototype model making methods. The next stage was to convert sketches into 3D CAD using Solidworks, and replace plastic sections with aluminium extrusions and machined elements. Our engineers welded together all the metal elements and the frame was given a lustrous high gloss top-coat. This finish, combined with the innovative design and aesthetics created a truly show-stopping product in time for it’s place at Eurobike 2012 in Germany.

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