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Amalgam 222 Sport Swimtag
Amalgam 222 Sport Swimtag
Amalgam 222 Sport Swimtag II

The Swimtag training aid was developed in 2008 by Bath-based 222 Sport. The company was founded by a group of design students intent on developing a product to make swimming more ‘engaging, interactive and fun’. Gareth Jones, formerly of The Product Works, mentored the students to develop the initial designs.

The Swimtag was developed as a prototype in collaboration with Amalgam’s specialists, who developed the concept for prototyping and manufacture, maximizing the use of ready-made components and minimizing assembly processes. In addition to the elastomeric waterproof writsbands, we also produced prototypes of the docking station, all by vacuum casting.

The Swimtag, a ‘training aid and monitoring system that tracks your progress in the pool,’ was brought to market in Summer 2011.

The vacuum casting facilities at Amalgam, and the experience and knowledge of the staff, have enabled us to have a real hand in some of the prototyping projects that pass through our doors. Other projects we have had an active hand in realising are the Hydrant water bottle and Tom Lawton’ Bubblescope. In addition to our vacuum casting departments, our comprehensive CAD suite and technicians can turn sketches into technical drawings, drawings into 3D digital models for presentation renderings, and from there either rapid prototyped or machined using our CNC facilities.

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