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Triggertrap Ada Prototype
Triggertrap Ada Prototype

The Triggertrap Ada is ‘an infinitely expandable camera trigger, making high-speed, camera trap, and timelapse photography affordable for everyone.’ Amalgam provided the look-and-feel prototyped enclosure, which was a hand-finished SLS 3D print. The project was funded on Kickstarter and smashed its financial target.

We are able to combine contemporary additive manufacturing processes with traditional hand skills and a deep understanding of materials to provide a comprehensive prototyping service. Our vacuum casting facilities are able to handle small enclosure projects such as the Ada, to batch production runs of working products, such as the Gapgun. This has seen us work with an equally broad range of clients, from small passionate startups with bright ideas to larger, more established design houses. The range of processes and expertise we have under our roof allows us to offer our services at every step of the design process, from initial concepts and development, through to CAD, 3D printed prototypes, vacuum cast batch production runs and assistance in moving a project on to large-scale industrial manufacture. Other projects along similar lines to the Triggertrap Ada Prototype include the Xmos enclosure, Tom Lawton’s Bubblescope and the Snow Business Snow Blower.

The prototypes look so delicious, that the photos of them almost look like 3D renders.

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