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This elegant model shows the detail of the Spire of Names, in which individual names are cut out of huge curved steel panels. The model measures approximately 60 cm in height and 6 cm across it’s base.

The client wanted the model to show transparency and, if possible, to be able to read the individual names of the people that died.

This was achieved by producing the spire in cad and then 3D printing it on our Objet printer in a water clear material. The three individual pieces were sanded, polished and lacquered in preparation to be laser engraved. The etching was made even more complicated because to achieve the level of detail required we needed to re focus the laser several times during the process. The rusted metal look was created by rubbing a colour matched paint into the letters and polishing it back to a high gloss.

This model ultimately helped secure the Spire of Names and Walter Jack Studio as the winning bidder. More details can be found in this BBC Arcticle.

Terrific model James. Thanks for all the hard work and I hope to work with you again soon.

Walter Jack

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