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These sculpted props and set pieces were made for the BBC fantasy drama “Atlantis”. Our large workshop space and team of skilled sculptors enabled us to easily accommodate and produce a wide range of sculpted props and fabrications.  Some of these were the biggest models we’ve made this year. In addition to large-scale scenic pieces and sets, we were able to cast a collection of hand-held sculpted props, including vials, swords and ornamented boxes. All of our props were hand-finished to striking levels of realism, be it rich wood textures or crumbling stone.

Our comprehensive workshop is well stocked with cutting-edge computer aided machining equipment, welding facilities, a moulding and casting department and a 3D printing facility. This is complemented with a healthy database of artists, model makers and craftspersons. We are just as capable of creating large steel-supported set pieces as we are intricate handmade hero props for close-up sequences. It is this combination of exacting technical processes and traditional hand skills that allows us to offer a one-stop-shop for film and television productions in the UK.

These hand-sculpted props had to be artworked to the texture of both fur and stone.

This large setpeice, made from a soft lightweight material, was hand finished to achieve an oxidised rusted texture.

Setbuilders Bristol - Amalgam Models, set design, propmakers and sets

Seen in the opening titled sequences, these half-scale ruins were carved by hand.

Another hand-made prop, the Pandora’s Box was created in a few iterations; hard and soft, depending on its purpose.

Please Accept mine, the art department’s and the productions thanks for all your hard work, creating various superb props for ‘Atlantis’. Your work has really exceeded my expectations and the end results have always been fantastic.

Stacey Dickinson, Paul Cripps

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