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Branded character design Scrumpy model
Branded character design Scrumpy model
Scrumpty branded character design full size

The process of creating the ‘Scrumpty’ character combined character design, an element of branding and short-run manufacturing techniques. We designed Scrumpty from an initial written brief, managing the whole process from concept sketches, hand sculpts, digital reproduction and a final short production run. An overview of the design process can be found here.

We created Scrumpty for Marketing Gloucester, as a friendly figure combining the city’s Rugby heritage with its famous ‘Humpty Dumpty’ fairy tale. The design of the character was intended as a blank canvas, as part of a competition open to the public to submit their own paint schemes and ideas, with the winning entries being stationed around Gloucester city centre in a ‘Scrumpty Trail’. Amalgam’s own Jenny Sealy and Elaine Carr were among the winning entries, with a ‘Hard Boiled’ Scrumpty and realistic apple-skin finish respectively.

We used manufacturing methods that would ensure a reasonable amount of durability, since these big Scrumpties would have to withstand both the outdoor elements and some public interaction.

Personifying a brand with a character literally gives it a face – it can cement brand awareness in the minds of a target audience. While Scrumpty was designed and developed completely in-house, we have provided modelmaking services to a number of companies who use branded character design in their marketing, notably Aardman, whose Wallace and Gromit characters have become icons.

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