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Tom Lawton Bubblescope
Tom Lawton Bubblescope
Tom Lawton Inventor Bubblescope being made
Inventor Tom Lawton Bubblescope
Tom Lawton Inventor

Client: Tom Lawton

Bubblescope, devised by inventor Tom Lawton, allows the user to capture a full 360 degree photograph, or film a 360 degree high-definition video.

Amalgam modelmakers worked closely with Tom in a truly collaborative capacity to create the first working prototypes of the device. Amongst other things we developed the intricate physical mechanisms that allowed the Bubblescope to clip to a smartphone, unlock and spring out of its protective casing and continue to be involved as Bubblescope is adapted to fit Samsung, Blackberry and other smartphones.

Visit Tom’s Website to see more of his inventions.

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