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Amalgam Creme Egg Olympics VII
Amalgam Creme Egg Olympics V
Amalgam Creme Egg Olympics IV
Amalgam Creme Egg Olympics III
Amalgam Creme Egg Olympics II
Amalgam Cream Egg Olympics animation set

Amalgam prototypers cast the hollow eggs in soft animatable rubber, which could then be injected with real fondant goo and colour matched to the Cadbury’s Creme Eggs. We used rapid prototyping processes to cast eggs soft enough to cut through by hand. This allowed the exploding eggs to appear extra chocolatey when broken apart.

All the sets and props for this familiar commercial were built at Amalgam, including the main stadium which houses 600 Creme Eggs, a velodrome and the swimming pool dive set. Our exhibition team built and artworked the sets to scale, which were designed to tessellate for easy access to the gooey battle. Our resident engineers designed the rigging so that the hundreds of cast Creme Eggs could be animated individually.

The eggheads in the architecture team created a smaller 1:500 scaled model of the egg-shaped stadium for establishing shots.

This  was just the kind of project we love at Amalgam. It demanded creative ingenuity combined with technical and engineering challenges which involved our entire skill range. For Aardman this meant they could get everything made under one roof.

Laurens Nockels, Project Manager

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