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Client: Matter

This design prototype model of a bottle was an exhibit for a packaging design show which we produced for Bath design consultancy Matter NPD.  Starting from a 3D CAD model we produced the physical form as a stereolithography model (SLA), from this we took silicone elastomer moulds to vacuum cast both the transparent hollow bottle and ceramic effect top. A metal clip and dummy seal were produced to complete the illusion. The outer surface of the bottle has a frosted surface finish applied, translucent graphics were then added using CNC vinyl cut masks around the base of the bottle to achieve the ears of wheat effect, which actually used the bottle’s liquid contents to give a subtle orange glow when lit from below. Many visitors to the show refused to believe this was not an off-the-shelf item we had customised, but we can say proudly that this beautiful model was produced 100% in-house using pure prototyping technology.

Amalgam’s packaging specialists use a wide range of technology to produce concept and design prototype models of the highest standard.  We boast a range of 3D CAD software, CNC machining, high-resolution 3D printing, vinyl print/cut processing and laser-cutting systems to name but a few.  Many of the design prototype models we produce have to remain a closely guarded secret of course so we are glad to be able to feature this one publicly.

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