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Amalgam Chickmaster CC3
Amalgam Chickmaster CC3

This exhibition model of the CC3 temperater regulation unit was constructed at 1:10 scale for various conferences and trade shows. Functioning as a control unit for hatcheries, the pipes were colour-coded to show the movements of hot and cold water through the unit.

Amalgam modelmakers illustrated this with coloured LEDs at specific points in the model. The complex pipework presented a unique challenge for the exhibition model making team, since many of the pipes interwove and bent around one another.

Every exhibition model we build is designed with transport in mind. The chassis of the model was constructed from water jet cut aluminium. This meant the main structural frames could be bolted together with durable mechanical fixings. This provided a rigid framework to which the more delicate components could be secured. Where possible, the sections of pipework were constructed from prefabricated fixings that could be firmly bonded together.

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