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The Exhibition Pods were created as part of a series of visitor centres we designed, built and installed for EDF Energy. In some instances, the internal space of the visitor’s centres were so large we needed to create secondary environments that would facilitate a smooth flow of people around the exhibition and create an interesting route. Each Pod contains a Reactor Demonstrator sunk into its wall, a touchscreen interactive and two monitor screens playing videos of safety information and other issues relating to nuclear power.

These pods were designed and assembled from a series of interlocking CNC’d panels, with huge printed graphics applied to the exterior. Being able to quickly create a solid structure this way with a ready-to-apply surface finish enabled us to focus on the engaging details that enhanced the experience of the exhibition, such as the illuminated strip around the inside of the doorway and underside of the unit. These elements created the impression of a levitating cube in the centre of the room with an inviting, glowing doorway

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