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Julio Bashmore God Hands
Julio Bashmore God Hands
Stopframe Animation Prop
Cast hands stopframe propr

This set of hands for Blinkink, to be used in Julio Bashmore’s music video for the single ‘Peppermint’, were cast in various positions, allowing a range of actions such as dropping, pouring and clapping. The video was animated by Noah Harris whose website this link leads to.

We used a member of our own staff as the casting master, whose hands were considered close enough to the proportions of classical sculpture to be used in this project. The moulds were made from Alginate, chosen for its relatively quick curing time and the level of detail it captures, right down to individual pores and creases within the skin.

Our propmakers have lent their setbuilding and sculpting skills to range of stopframe props and animation projects over the years, including hundreds of cast Creme Egg props for Aardman and the Goo Games, and a set of hand-painted Russian dolls for an Eircom television advert.

As well as the sculptural and artworking side of stopframe animation props, we are able to handle the technical aspects as well, with our well equipped workshop allowing us to create intricate metal armatures and jigs. Our other facilities, which can be used as part of larger projects or as discrete services, include a 2440mm by 1520mm CNC machine, our Objet 3D printer, a vacuum casting facility and and digital CAD and graphics suite.

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