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Amalgam Green Room Retail Benz
Amalgam Green Room Retail Benz
Amalgam Green Room Retail Benz IV
Amalgam Green Room Retail Benz I

Client: Green Room Retail

This full scale replica of the very first motor car, the ‘Benz Patent Motorcar Wagon’ (circa 1868) was commissioned by Green Room Retail for the Mercedes Showroom in Brentford to celebrate  the 125th Anniversary of Mercedes Benz.

Amalgam’s model makers and engineers worked phenomenally quickly to re-create the Wagon in just five days to meet the all important anniversary deadline.

As part of the same project, the team also created a huge red postbox, three metre long Union Jack-patterned sunglasses and a huge Carnaby Street roadsign for the Swinging Sixties portion of the display.

I am totally amazed. How on earth you produced a Patent from scratch in only a few days is nothing short of an engineering miracle.The detailing on the cylinder is marvellous..we do have model makers on file, but not ones that can perform miracles.

Matthew Hunter, Europe Mccann

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