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Our museum fabrication team worked closely with the museum’s management to design and build the permanent exhibition at the Cheddar Museum of Prehistory. The human remains found in Gough’s Cave span a 40,000 year period and the exhibition tells the story of Stone Age Humans, through a series of engaging interactives and displays. These include cavepainting interactives, details on how humans were cannibalised, cases brimming with artifacts and displays on the history of site’s significance to modern archaeology.

exhibition design

We designed every aspect of the museum’s displays, and were presented only with an empty space and a brief. We were effectively given free licence to produce something truly special for an iconic piece of local culture.

The aim of the exhibition was to tell the story of the discovery of Stone Age Humans. We brought to bear every process and service under our roof in the fabrication of these engaging displays, from hand sculpting, CNC cutting, metalwork and mechanical engineering, electronics, fibreglassing, effects painting, lighting, graphic design, printing and artwork.

We are able to offer start-to-finish project management, a complete service from design to installation, including transportation; we were able to transport the whole exhibition from our spacious, well-equipped workshop to Cheddar to install and assemble the displays.

We handled all aspects of the museum’s design and installation to tell the story of our ancestors and create a memorable and informative experience.

Cheddar Caves Museum
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