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Promotional display
Promotional display
Client: Clarins


This Promotional display was created for Thierry Mugler  in Selfridges, Oxford Street, our exhibition team created a set of large white perfume bottle shapes in 3D CAD which Our in-house CNC machine then used to produce the mould forms used to create these shapes as lightweight vacuum formings. They were constructed as two halves of a clamshell shape which then slotted together for speed and simplicity at the install.

The eye-catching promotional display entitled ‘No Noise’ is comprised of three large, light-weight bottle shapes suspended from a square archway. We also created some smaller back-lit bottle shapes set into the front counter. This was a project for Thierry Mugler and the Clarins Fragrance group, in conjunction with Design 4 Retail.  A closer inspection of some of the images will also show sample “Sniffer” bottles with their conical chromed tops, inviting customers to “Take a sniff”.  These are another Amalgam design, albeit on a much smaller scale.

Amalgam have a history of creating Promotional displays in the famous Oxford Street store for this and other clients. We have had the pleasure of working with these iconic shapes many times in the past and welcomed the chance to revisit them for this new promotional display.

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