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Amalgam Kablamm! RC Mech
Amalgam Kablamm! RC Mech
Amalgam Kablamm! Mech V

Client: Kablamm!

This sci-fi, grunge style promotional stand was made to promote educational robot toys for the Nuremberg Toy Fair. The mini robots were displayed in the industrial style mini arena and the eye-catching stand attracted high volumes of visitors of all ages.

The various components of the stand were built using MDF, foam pvc, vac-formed plastics and some metal work, all designed to be assembled easily for use as a travelling promotional exhibition.

Commissioning a trade fair stand from Amalgam was probably one of the best marketing investments we have made this year…the excellent bespoke solution provided by Amalgam lent our stand a level of professionalism that it previously lacked, not only attracting more visitors, but also giving our sales team a real boost.

Dr Jim Wyatt, Director Kablamm Ltd

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