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This submarine prop, visible in the first episode of the BBC fantasy drama ‘Atlantis,’ represents the ruined Oracle Hull and was artworked to appear rusted and battered from years on the sea floor. While the submarine prop is a relatively simple construction, the skill of our painters transformed the object’s material properties completely, from a soft construction of lightweight foam, the final object looks like a heavy, oxidised metal bulkhead.


Over the years, through accumulated knowledge and experimentation, we have developed a range of tricks and techniques for achieving textural and realistic artworked finishes. This is particularly useful for creating larger props, where weight and transportation is an issue; a prop can be made from lightweight or soft materials and artworked to appear heavy and solid. The same is true of our smaller props, where a stunt-safe sword, for example, will need to be soft for safety reasons but still have the look and texture of solid wood and iron.

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