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David Harber Sundial Model
David Harber Sundial Model
David Harber Sundial Maquette

This striking artwork is constructed from a CNC’ cut baseboard, with each laser cut  blade being hand-formed and bonded carefully into the surface. The reflective gloss black acrylic and repeating patterns cause both the shadows and reflected light to bounce around the model in a way that continuously shifts as the viewer moves around the artwork, to a striking effect.

The artwork formed part of the “Thinking Big” exhibition at The Gallery, Cork Street, in London. The exhibition showcased a broad range of David’s work, old and new, and included experimental sketch models, digital renders and maquettes as well as several original artworks such as this.

Amalgam regularly work with several contemporary artists, providing a range of specialist making services to enable them to realise their designs.  Bruce Munro for instance specialises in using light in his works.

We also get asked to restore damaged item such as this statue, part of a war memorial which had been damaged and was missing base, boots and rifle till Amalgam’s specialists got to work.

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