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Video prop Hip Hop pram
Video prop Hip Hop pram

We have made a range of video props for Stripeland over the last few years – but this one stands out for us.  The brief: “To refit a supplied pram in the style of an American hip-hop vehicle, complete with chrome spinning hubcaps, oversized tyres, ‘bounce’ mechanism and gold flames.”

Amalgam’s video prop makers do love a challenge and design agency Stripeland’s video directors and producers know where to turn for innovation and unusual props. So we like to think we were their first thought when asked to make this promotional video for the Red Cross’s on-line campaign promoting “RappedUp”, a first-aid app for babies and children.

RappedUp link image

We took a small carry cot and a large pram chassis, which were not designed to go together so emphasised the scale discrepancy, and created a hybrid vehicle. The reference material the client supplied was the ubiquitous low-rider car beloved of the hip-hop fraternity, so we also had to incorporate chrome spinners and a controllable bounce mechanism. Under-body blue LED down-lighters and gold flames along the sides completed the look.  The prop was used during the filming of a new first aid campaign, teaching the essentials of first aid for babies and toddlers. As the pram had to have a child sat in it during filming it had to be very sturdy, and all the modifications we made were robust and child-safe. Although it weighed a huge amount once assembled, mainly due to the enormous wheels we fitted, it had to ‘zoom’ out of shot in a controlled manner so working axles were vital. Reports from the shoot day suggest that the baby who got to ride in it loved it so much that he drifted off to sleep.

Website hiphop pram rear

This Video prop was a unique challenge for our prop makers and specialist makers – but so much of what we do is.  We like to think we can rise to the occasion no matter what is required.  Why not contact us here to see what we can do for you?

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