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New Blades and Made in Brunel graduate showcases


This time of year sees the advent of two significant degree shows; the New Blades Modelmaking degree show and the Made in Brunel graduate showcase. Both are an opportunity for graduates to make invaluable contacts within their industries, to show off their work, skills and passions, and for seasoned professionals to meet young people with fresh eyes and good ideas. The New Blades took place at Holborn Studios and featured some truly outstanding work; the show guide is available for download at the 4D Modelshop website. It is also a chance to meet old friends and former colleagues as the bulk of the UK's model making companies and their representatives meet.       The Made in Brunel Graduate Showcase aims to draw the attention of the design industry to a pool of innovative aspiring designers and engineers. This year, former Amalgam intern Jeremy Ireland ( will be showcasing his…

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Prototype Plastic Moulding: Vacuum Casting and 3D Printing


A little over twenty years ago, 3D printing or Rapid Prototyping as it was then known, changed the world. The recent explosion of interest in the process is not indicative of a sea change in the industry, but a public awakening to an industrial process that is quick, convenient and downright cool. The science fiction ideal of being able to manifest objects from your computer captures the imagination; could you 3D print a model yacht, a concept design of a yacht, a full-sized working cruiser? Designers, architects and artists have embraced 3D printing and innovative projects are appearing daily. There are, however, limitations. It is important to remember that 3D printing and all the associated Additive manufacturing technologies, stereolithography, laser sintering, etc. are stages of a greater whole - prototyping. A 3D print is generally a step towards production, not production itself, and while it is tempting to think of a…

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