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User Experience and Interactive Models. to educate,entertain and inform

user experience

Most of the models we create are display pieces or prototypes for a variety of different industries - architecture, marine, product design and so on. Physical models have consistently proven themselves to be invaluable assets when developing and testing new designs, engaging with other people or communicating ideas.   A static display model is a proven tool to draw in the audience, however, an interactive model becomes a powerful component in creating a memorable user experience. Interactive models can be used to achieve a number of goals, including:   - COMMUNICATING COMPLEX PROCESSES TO THE UNINITIATED   - TESTING OR MARKETING A NEW IDEA, ENGAGING WITH POTENTIAL CLIENTS   - BRANDING, CEMENTING A BRAND IDENTITY AND CREATING AWARENESS   Complex Processes On an individual basis, placing a user in a narrative - such as a game - allows new information to be processed easily, and can be an enjoyable user…

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Gloucester Bus Station Tactile Architectural Model

braille 3d printing

This tactile architectural model, made for BDP, differs from 'traditional' architectural models in that it is designed for the blind and partially sighted - the information has been presented to be interpreted by touch. With tactility in mind, we set about experimenting with texture. Instead of paint effects to visually indicate various surface finishes such as concrete and limestone, the paved and pedestrian areas are different textures; instead of vertical internal walls and block offsites, the model has been made in relief, with the walls represented as crisp raised ridges. Other features include soft felt strips to represent furniture. A standout feature of the tactile model is the 3D printed Braille labels set around the base, indicating road names and various other features. After a number of experiments at reproducing Braille using lasercutting processes, we ultimately decided that 3D printed Braille was the preferreable option, owing to its precision -…

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Laser Engraving Service: Drummond + Hammett Cigar Box Guitar Components

laser engraving service

As well as a complete design and fabrication service, we offer each process within our workshop - from CNC machining, to vacuum casting, to sculpting - as individual services. We recently provided our laser engraving service to local cigar box guitar makers Drummond + Hammett, etching their distinctive buffalo logo onto various surfaces and components of their instruments. Their exquisite, hand-finished craftsmanship is contrasted with subtle, precision-machined touches, as seen here featured on their 'ResoPhonic' guitar model.   These guitars are stunning works of craftsmanship and passion - head to the Drummond + Hammett website to find out more.      

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Micro Mechanical Recycling Interactive – New Portable Sorting Game


We are excited to announce a new addition to the range of products available through our sister company, Recycling Displays. The Micro Mechanical Recycling Facility, or Micro-MRF, is a highly portable, compact tabletop interactive display, designed to educate and engage members of the public with important recycling processes. It is the first in a new range of products we are developing to build on the success of our existing line, and that include a self-set remit that a portion of our construction materials be renewable or recyclable.    "The entertaining features of the MRF reinforces the message that household waste does not just disappear once it's in the bin - rubbish still has a lifespan, and needs to be managed responsibly for the sake of the environment."   The unit is based on our highly successful Mini-MRF recycling interactive, a unit which has consistently proven itself as a valuable educational…

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