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Micro Mechanical Recycling Interactive – New Portable Sorting Game


We are excited to announce a new addition to the range of products available through our sister company, Recycling Displays. The Micro Mechanical Recycling Facility, or Micro-MRF, is a highly portable, compact tabletop interactive display, designed to educate and engage members of the public with important recycling processes. It is the first in a new range of products we are developing to build on the success of our existing line, and that include a self-set remit that a portion of our construction materials be renewable or recyclable.


 “The entertaining features of the MRF reinforces the message that household waste does not just disappear once it’s in the bin – rubbish still has a lifespan, and needs to be managed responsibly for the sake of the environment.”


The unit is based on our highly successful Mini-MRF recycling interactive, a unit which has consistently proven itself as a valuable educational tool. Based on market research and client feedback, we concluded there was a need for a new model, streamlined to meet ever-increasing demand and to open up the MRF to a broader range of situations – with portability as a primary consideration in the new design.


The Micro-MRF is a highly mobile, economic desktop sorting game. It fits comfortably in the boot of a car, avoiding the cost of van rental, and can be simply and quickly set up by one person, without the need for a team to accompany, install and extract the model from site. The kit includes a box of ‘rubbish’, four waste collection boxes and an air pump to create the experience.




Our clients have experienced success with the larger model in visitor’s centres and other semi-permanent installations, where children and young people are engaged by the contraption-like nature of the MRF, with its hand-cranked conveyor belt, air pump for blasting plastics off the line and magnet for sifting through the rubbish for metals. These entertaining features make the MRFs valuable tools for:


– Creating a clearer picture of which materials are recyclable, and which end up in landfills

– Reinforcing the message that rubbish does not just disappear once it’s in the bin

– Promoting responsible management of household waste for the sake of the environment.


Building on this success, the new Micro-MRF is suited to less permanent situations, opening up the scope to a broader range of markets and applications – not just schools and educational institutions, but corporate events, team bonding exercises, touring exhibitions, recycling events and trade fairs.


Units are available for purchase or rental from our Recycling Displays website – head to Recycling Displays to find our more.


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