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Western Power Distribution – sixth Energy Display Interactive Completed

Recently Amalgam modelmakers completed the sixth in a series of energy display interactive models for Western Power Distribution. The series of models formed part of Project F.A.L.C.O.N (Flexible Approaches for Low Carbon Optimised Networks), a project led by Western Power Distribution. The project will test six alternatives to reinforcement, to see how they work in practice. Ultimately FALCON will provide guidance so that network planners can select the best technique from a range of options. Four of the options are based around novel engineering approaches and two are based around changing energy users' behaviour. The energy display interactives were designed to demonstrate this range of techniques in an engaging manner whilst maintaining a very clean and sleek look. The image above is our designers sketch for one of the six designs built, by clicking the link you can find out more in our Energy Display Interactives case study on the main…

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Henrietta Lacks Exhibit Open at Science Museum

Over the last year, Amalgam's Laurens Nockles and Ben Taylor have been involved in the creation of the Henrietta Lacks exhibit installed in the Wellcome Wing of the Science Museum. The project is a 3D extension of the work of Helen Wilson-Roe, a Bristol-based artist whose work is primarily 2D portraiture on a large scale.   Laurens and Ben provided assistance in translating the ideas into the 3D realm, from initial visualisations for pitches and marketing to technical CAD drawings, graphic design elements and assembly of the final piece, which was a mixture of graphic elements, 3D forms and Helen's signature painting style. The exhibit was successfully installed in the Wellcome Wing and opened to the public on October 16th as part of the Who Am I?  gallery.   The story of Henrietta Lacks is a remarkable one; having a rare cellular mutation, she succumbed to cancer at the age of…

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Come and talk Product Prototyping at Venturefest 2013

Venturefest 2013

Venturefest Bristol 2013 Is, once again, organised by Science City Bristol in partnership with the Technology Strategy Board.  This years event is taking place on Thursday 14th November 2013 at the UWE Conference Centre in Bristol.  Bristol prototyping and model making specialists Amalgam will be there,  offering free advice on Product Prototyping, general product development and a range of allied subjects, all relevant to inventors, innovators and designers looking to turn their good ideas into commercial realities.   The Venturefest show is in it's third year and promises to be better than ever. Our stand at the 2012 show drew a steady stream of visitors throughout the day asking a wide range of questions about Product Prototyping,  Product development, CAD, 3D printing and much more besides.  This year we are back, with a range of samples showing some of the processes we can offer for product prototyping, case studies of previous…

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