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Interactives at Torness power station visitor’s centre now open

interactives Torness

Torness power station will be re-opening its visitor's centre, for which Amalgam supplied a range of highly engaging interactives and exhibition pieces. EDF Energy has said that the new visitor's centre will give 'thousands of people' access to information on nuclear power, and how the process is managed. Amalgam have so far provided exhibition design and display pieces for seven of EDF Energy's power station visitor's centres, with the centre at Hunterston B opening last August. The visitor's centre at Torness power station will be open every day, but security considerations mean advanced booking will be required. The interactives we have built for EDF Energy has been a truly huge project, drawing in nearly every member of staff and department head. We have produced over thirty individual units, and innumerable graphic display pieces for these visitor's centres. More details and photos will be announced later this year.

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Exhibition Design and Build Team install for Chelsea Flower show and British Ecological Society

Amalgam's Dan Fenwick and the exhibition design and build team have recently finished fabricating and installing a huge set piece for Chelsea Flower Show and the British Ecological Society. The set, designed by Ravenhill Design, combined a range of CNC machined, slot-together components, optimised for easy, on-site assembly. It also made great use of our in-house scenic art-working talent to create not only realistic textures and finishes on faux brick work etc. but also a completely painted walled garden backdrop complete with bushes, shrubs, flowers and an (Optimistic) sunny sky. Our exhibition design and build team is well experienced and equipped to fabricate, assemble and install large-scale exhibitions and set displays of all sorts for corporate events, theatre, public exhibitions and museums. Head to Our Work to see more examples of our work in this area. More images and details on our involvement with Chelsea Flower Show be announced later in the Spring.

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“If Only It Worked” Bath, May 10th

Rob Bakewell, our Casting Manager, was on hand recently at the IfOnly UX 'If Only It Worked' Product Design conference to offer advice and guidance relating to all areas of prototyping, specifically the vacuum casting process that we use to great effect in realising product designs, prototypes, innovations and much more besides. Amalgam Modelmakers are actively involved in events, conferences and shows such as this, and participate regularly as part of the Southwest's design community. The conference was held with the intention of exploring how user experiences influence design; consequently extensive research and prototyping is necessary to streamline and fashion an initial concept into a working production-ready product. Amalgam's prototyping and design services cover all ground between these two points, and we have a solid history of success stories from designers and inventors who have approached us with ideas that we have guided to market. The IfOnly UX Product Design Conference is just one of…

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Animatronic grasshopper on front of Industrial Technology magazine

animatronic grasshopper

The Asco Numatics Animatronic grasshopper was a project Amalgam modelmakers undertook a while back, but can now be seen on the front cover, and in the pages of, Industrial Technology magazine.   The grasshopper was modified from a previous set of sculpts which needed a fair amount of repair work and all round updating. Amalgam sculptors added a new set of mandibles and gave the whole model a fresh coat of durable paint to withstand the movement and handling the grasshopper would receive.   The Asco Numatics grasshopper itself is a display aid and incorporates various technologies from packaging, manufacturing and machine-building industries. You can read the full article by heading over to   While we provided a sculpting and finishing service for this model, others we have produced along similar lines include the Anatomical Heart Valve model for the Glasgow Science Centre, and the Aardman 'Thinking Cap' exhibition pieces.

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