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“If Only It Worked” Bath, May 10th

Rob Bakewell, our Casting Manager, was on hand recently at the IfOnly UX ‘If Only It Worked’ Product Design conference to offer advice and guidance relating to all areas of prototyping, specifically the vacuum casting process that we use to great effect in realising product designs, prototypes, innovations and much more besides. Amalgam Modelmakers are actively involved in events, conferences and shows such as this, and participate regularly as part of the Southwest’s design community.

If Only It Worked

The conference was held with the intention of exploring how user experiences influence design; consequently extensive research and prototyping is necessary to streamline and fashion an initial concept into a working production-ready product. Amalgam’s prototyping and design services cover all ground between these two points, and we have a solid history of success stories from designers and inventors who have approached us with ideas that we have guided to market.

The IfOnly UX Product Design Conference is just one of many events organised by KT-Equal. To find out more follow this link.

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